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Our History

Nap’s Over The Years



Napoleon and Josephine Patti served the first beer in Nap Patti’s Bar over 70 years ago. The tavern quickly became a neighborhood favorite and over the next forty years it remained a place for friends to gather and enjoy a beer, a shot, or a great bowl of chili.



Nap’s beloved tavern closed for renovation in June 1992 and re-opened as Nap’s Cucina Mia by Mary Jo Karas, their daughter. For 29 years, we’ve been based at the same location in Indiana, PA.



Nick got home from culinary school in Florence, Italy with a fresh perspective. He transformed Nap’s from a pasta restaurant to an Italian Chophouse serving fish and steaks. The goal was to put a modern spin on classic dishes.



Josephine’s Pizzeria & Enoteca was inspired by a four-month trip to Italy that Nick took when he was just 15 years old. After enjoying the best Pizza he ever had in his life at a local restaurant called Pana & Vino he knew an authentic pizza and wine restaurant was in his future.